Tuesday, March 10, 2015

About Nepal Travel Directory
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Nepal Travel Directory is a one stop destination, an ultimate source of information for every traveler visiting Nepal. The directory helps to provide all the essential travel related tips before your visit to Nepal. The in-detail information guides you to be prepared for your new adventure to a land far away from home that is completely different to the life you find elsewhere. Coming to Nepal and adjusting with the culture shock, food, climate and the surroundings will be a biggest challenge. So for this, we have come up with this idea of an online travel guide portal so that one can find enough information and resources about the new destination.

The main purpose of this travel portal is to help individual or group travelers either women or men or to any educational tour, student groups from different parts of the world who cannot find reliable and complete information in one place. All the do’s and don’ts can be found in this portal. The sufficient information about every part of the country will help you and guide you to make your travel to Nepal a memorable and long lasting experience.

It is our main aim to pre-inform every traveler about what to expect before visiting Nepal. This is the reason why we have collected all these information just to serve you well and hoping not the travelers get into any kind of problems. We care about your safety during your stay in Nepal. We hope the information provided by our travel portal will serve you well and our best wishes are always there for your comfortable stay.